Productivity Lab

The Thrive Mind Lab team is catalysing productivity research. Our aim is to understand human behaviour and build a connected future with a positive impact across society.

The Thrive Lab is a research centre focused on three key elements of personal productivity;

Understanding the ideology of productivity.
Learn the significance of renovating your ecology/environment, in order to live a productive lifestyle.
Master all productivity methodologies to reinvent the human mindset in the most effective and time efficient way.
Our Lab strives on communication with different communities. We promote and advocate collaboration with external partners worldwide, to enhance intelligent thinking and offer new solutions that can change our world.

Thrivify embraces change and evolvement. Our mission is to be able to deliver the most effective methods with the most substantial benefits to our society. These include; research for progress in the Thrive Lab, talent funded projects and facilitating key partnerships across industry and not-for-profit sectors.


Research Integrity & Ethics

Our Thrive Lab team understand their privileged position; their work has great potential to impact and elevate individuals lives and cultural change in society. We have a duty to conduct research to the highest standards. Our research integrity and ethics ensure that research is conducted responsibly and ethically.

Our Thrive Lab focuses on understanding human behaviours to introduce positive impactful methods to enhance productivity.

Thrive Lab's Research Ethics refers to ethical conduct in research, as well as the protection of research participants. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical research, through the promotion of the values outlined in the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

The most important component of productivity research is you. Without your help, there are no research findings and no change in our scientific knowledge on the human productivity spectrum.

The research participant database is kept securely by Thrivify and is not released to any third party. As a research participant, you will be asked to provide basic information about yourself and/or your family, such as date of birth, postcode, diagnosis, verbal ability, intellectual ability, gender, details of siblings.

What sort of things would I have to do?

  • You might be interviewed by the researcher
  • You might be asked to fill in a survey
  • You might be asked to do some activities, perhaps over a period of time
  • You might be part of a group
  • You might take part in just one or multiple learning sessions
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