87% of businesses are training their employees to work with new digital technologies.

The productivity mindset is the key to any digital transformation.

Are your employees ready for work with new platforms and technology as the pace of adoption speeds up?

The future is exciting, is your organisation future-ready?





- Dean Justice


Our productivist consultants assist you to identify your requirements and choose the right solution to be scalable, the best in their class and simultaneously an ideal fit for your operational needs. Additionally, we will support you in implementing these solutions such as G Suite or Office 365 and build a scalable setup that goes beyond the standard 'off-the-shelf' product from these providers.

We will provide your team with relevant training to ensure a smooth transition.

Everything we do relates back to our mission. Our work is based on the Productivity Trilogy, a roadmap to success.

We strive to reduce your cost, improve your internal operations and help your team to communicate much faster, more transparently and more intensely across your organisation. We will enable your team to work and collaborate with partners, coworkers and customers whenever and wherever they need.

It’s imperative to understand the productivity ideology, to be able to modify our ecology and implement the productivity methodologies and tools into our day to day life and build a productive lifestyle.

To support our practice and our clients, we approach with greater productivity agility supported by productivity science.

Thrivify Academy

We live in a world where most people are so busy being busy. It seems like there is a huge shortage of time. The Thrivify Academy programs are designed to help people of all skill levels just like yourself. You can use these programs as a complete kit to kick start your business, improve your daily and personal productivity. Make all 1440 minutes in your day count.



That's a big statement, given there are already several productivity books on the shelves.

So how is this book different?

Unlike any other book, we don’t focus on tips, tricks and hacks (that you won't follow consistently).

You'll receive practical and easy to follow exercises, that will allow you to become the most productive version of yourself in a very short time. This book will show you how to create free time and design your tomorrow today, in an interactive and comprehensive way.

"To be successful in your life, study, work or any science you need to be productive. However, productivity hasn’t been thought of as science yet. This is the missing link." - Dean Justice

Vision & Mission

"I believe my purpose is to use my innovations to save planet earth and impact as many people's lives as possible by leveraging the power of the available technology for ideation and education.

My Vision is to create a virtual eco-system worldwide and impact aspiring entrepreneurs who are keen to grow their business."

Dean Justice


Dean Justice

  • Technologist | Innovation Catalyst
    Productivity & Digital Transformation Consultant
  • Author of the UNITED STATES OF INTELLIGENCE | The Productivity Science
  • Founder of Thrivify Productivity Academy


As an Australian Innovator and he has created the following apps:

  • EverKard - Live Business Card keeping people connected while saving planet earth. (Ever Present | Ever Current | EverKard)
  • RODUCTIVIST - This is an ultimate productivity app, design to organise your life, reprogram your mind to build a productive lifestyle.
  • Mollify Life - Mollify Life is a revolutionary mobile app designed for depression sufferers.

An Australian Entrepreneur and Envisioner who holds multiple titles in several companies such as;

  • Chief Innovation Officer & CTO of EverKard Pty Ltd
  • Co-founder of Consultify | Innovation & Productivity Consulting Firm
  • Director and co-founder of My Business Central Pty Ltd
  • Creative Director and Sole owner of EverSight Creative Agency

He is devoted to elevating human lives and thrives to impact the lives of others.

Dean's life revolves around technology and the web. Stop him anywhere on his travels and you'll find a smartphone or some other connection to the inter-webs not far behind.

He is a family man and understands the work and life balance. Hence, he has created a system that he calls "Five By Five ThriviFive".

The system is based on the productivity trilogy (Ideology, Ecology, Methodology) that enables him to work five days per week for five hours per day.



Be Productive

Be FutureReady

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